Our Workshops

A variety of crafts to explore and enjoy!

Our workshops are for everyone who is interested in crafts. Some people come and do the same craft several times as they enjoy it so much, whereas others want to try a bit of everything!

The group sizes for the workshops depend on the activity. If it is a very physically demanding activity – such as willow weaving or wire craft – the maximum size is six. For something a little bit more gentle, like needle felting where everyone is seated apart from comfort breaks, the maximum number is 12.

Workshops mostly include materials unless otherwise stated. You get to take your wonderful creation home with you at the end of the workshop so you can show and tell your family and friends about your newly acquired skills. You’ll then be able to develop your skill further at home if you get hooked, or come back for more.

The company is always wonderful at our workshops. We chat and laugh, and compare our notes on life in general. A perfect tonic as an after-work activity or just for something interesting to do.

If you would like me to arrange an activity for you and your friends to celebrate a birthday, pending marriage (hen do!) or a new baby or any lovely life event, please get in touch.

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Macrame designs created at Blacksmith Shop Crafts
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