Project Description

Willow Bark/Flat Reed Containers

with Anna

Willow bark is material derived from straight cuts of Willow branches about 1.5cm- 4.5 cm diameter and cut during growing season. Bark is then dried and just before use soaked for about an hour or more depending on the thickness of the bark.

After soaking the bark you can work it almost like leather. In fact many of the tools used for working with willow bark are leather work tooling.

I have had a chance to attend two amazing workshops and learn from two wonderful women, Anna-Maria Väätäinen in Finland and Ane Lyngsgaard in Denmark in a company of many more great artists how to make things with willow bark.

If I can pass a fraction of this magical craft they taught me onwards, I will be very happy. And you will love it.

Flat reed basket at Blacksmith Shop Crafts
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