Project Description

Spoon Carving

with Dave Atkin from Woodwyrm

I have met Dave once at Blacksmith Shop Crafts. He came to discuss a possibility of a workshop. This was before Covid hit us. This time I am hopeful that we get to run many woodcarving workshops with Dave from Woodwyrm.

I have purchased two of Dave’s spoons and I love using them. If you look at them closely you can see the faint knife marks. Beautiful marks of the maker. This sort of thing makes me really appreciate people who are prepared to give a career in making a go. Because it is not easy but also very rewarding and ultimately we would not want to be doing anything else.

Dave used to work as an architectural model maker until fairly recently. He now not only carves but also teaches axe and knife work.

He will bring all the equipment and materials with him. You just have to be wearing sensible shoes and clothing for this type of workshop. We will limit the size of the group to four for heath and safety and quality of teaching purposes.

Wooden spoon carving at Blacksmith Shop Crafts
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