Project Description

Leather Craft

with Paul Dore

Paul Dore has amazed me with his  skill and patience during the workshops at the Blacksmith Shop Crafts.

The first workshop that he delivered here was a draw-string soft leather pouch. I had no idea how many different stages there were to working with leather. You learn about:

  • Measuring and Marking
  • Using patterns
  • Punching, Stitching and Riveting Techniques
  • Bevelling and Grooving
  • Edge and Surface Finishing
  • Use of Leather-craft Stamps
Leather belts made at Blacksmith Shop Crafts

We have also made leather belts with Paul. The quality of leather is so good that the belt I made for my husband at this workshop five years later is still looking good. Not like the shop bought ones that seem to last half of that time.

The most successful repeat workshop with Paul Dore has been the handbags. It has been wonderful to see the variety of bags that have been made as they all look different. Paul brings with him a variety of stamps so you can personalise your product.

Viking pouches with a belt was the most recent workshop in leather. An ancient Nordic alternative to bum bags and very handy item for the current cycling hobbyist too!

A leather bag produced at Blacksmith Shop Crafts
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