Food At The Forge

All part of your Blacksmith Shop Crafts experience

Growing food, baking and cooking and of course eating has been more than just a necessity to Anna since being very young.

Anna still has an image in her head and heart of her mother kneading and shaping out sourdough rye loaves and baking them in a wood burning oven after the red-hot cinders had been drawn out. It was a weekly ritual as the bread was meant to last for a week. Anna and her sister would then bake cakes and biscuits, things that would be served at a coffee table for when they had visitors or as a treat for the five kids.

Vegetable and fruit growing here at the Blacksmith’s Shop garden has been established since 2002. Anna makes her own black and red currant cordial and freezes it for use throughout winter. We have apple, pear, fig, apricot, cherry and several plum trees in the garden. Anna has been growing most of our vegetables for a long time and gets a huge pleasure from cooking with them.

We source all the meat, game and fish as locally as possible.

Craft workshops increase the appetite as they can be fairly physical. We can offer lunch with the workshops for parties if you arrange it when you book.

Delicious cake served at Blacksmith Shop Crafts
Vegetables from the garden at Blacksmith Shop Crafts
Vegetables grown at Blacksmith Shop Crafts