Knitting club and handcrafts in East Yorkshire

Knitting Club on Wednesday afternoons is fun!

It is now over two years ago when I started the Knitting Club at Blacksmith Shop Crafts. It started with regular one or two people and has now grown to a group of four to eight. And we always have such good time.

I am not sure whether cake plays a major part as an attraction or is it the company, atmosphere or simply just the fact that it is time for the knitters when nobody will disturb them or disrupt them for their lovely work? Who knows, but we love it.image


We inspire each other and learn from each other. It started by me showing how to- and now I find that my role has diminished as a tutor. I still try to bring in new ideas and use the fact that I am from Finland which has great knitting and hand craft traditions as a platform for different projects.

if you are curious and want to join us, please let me know. There is still room for a few more!

Knitting club and handcrafts in East Yorkshire
Knitting club in East Yorkshire

Happy New Year!

Today has been the day when I have quite mournfully taken down Christmas in my house and the garden. I like to leave the decorations up as long as I possibly can.

I bought some tulips- very rare for me to buy flowers- I tend to find flowers or greenery in the garden and make it work in the house. But today, I needed some vivid colours.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA My Knitting Club will be back tomorrow after a Christmas break. I love seeing what everyone is making. I am knitting a lace cardigan for my daughter at the moment, using Debbie Bliss Mohair. Ah, so lovely and fluffy! Light as a cloud and soft as a feather pillow.

So it is back to work. I have taken several bookings too- the Silversmithing workshop on 16th of February is now full. I wish I could fill all of my workshops as easily as that.

This is my first blog post on my web page- I will get better!