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Come along to this workshop and learn the beautiful and creative art of calligraphy.
You’ll discover the pleasure to be had in writing, learn a creative skill, and produce things that are satisfying to create, as well as to give and receive. Your new skills will have numerous applications, from greeting cards and envelopes through to wine labels, bookmarks, gift-wrap, gift-tags, quotations and poetry.
In this workshop we will learn how to write the medieval Gothic Textura hand, a 14th century script still much loved today. You’ll be using steel and brass flexible wide-edged nibs and calligraphy ink. Then we’ll use the script to write beautiful envelopes and make simple cards for Christmas.
All equipment and materials are provided, along with detailed hand-outs for you to take home, together with your pen and ink.

The workshop is run with Angela Dalleywater


Tools and Materials

For students to use/keep after the workshop – £10 each

> One pen holder, two nibs (of different sizes – and I have right- and left-handed nibs), one reservoir – £5 total per person

> One bottle of black calligraphy ink – £4 total per person

> 2 Handouts on Gothic script – free

> A few sheets of layout paper to learn/write the script on – free

> A few ready-cut pieces of good-quality paper to make cards with, and a few good-quality envelopes to write on – £1 per person

For me to lend to students and be returned to me after the workshop

Pencils, rulers, protractors, sharpeners, sheets of blotting paper, masking tape, kitchen roll
Bottles of different-coloured calligraphy inks

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